Monday, January 26, 2009

Why weaning is so messy.

Not long after we started the 'shovelling of food into mouth' game, Galen realised that the spoon was what it was all about. He quickly decided that it would be much better if he were in charge. He lunged for the spoon in our hand and quicker than either mummy or daddy was at moving it away, managed to grasp it in his hands as it moved towards his mouth. The puree ending up all over his fingers was soon wiped over his face, in his eyes, through his hair. Not much got into his mouth.

We developed the 'two spoon' approach. Galen gets one spoon which he is free to do what he likes with (often throw it on the floor a million times), we get the other and attempt to coordinate the shovelling with his spoon going into his mouth. Slightly more successful although he still quite likes a spoon with food on it (generally not going anywhere near his mouth).

We 'advanced' to finger food with similar results. Some goes in his mouth, alot doesn't. Rusks and biscotti were the worst. I ended up washing his dressing gown every day. I'd say we're getting better but actually I think we've just got used to it. There are marks on the floor that are welded on. All I can say is that painting the kitchen orange when I was 38 weeks pregnant may have seemed like madness at the time but it was, in fact, a stroke of genius.

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